Welcome to Norwegian Cabletanker

Our company delivers a patented revolutionary solution named Cable Tanker.

Cable Tanker is used for storage and transportation of heavy subsea
cables. These subsea cables can either be, electric power cables, signal cables
and multifunction control cables known as umbilical’s. The capacity of each
Cable Tanker unit, is typically above 1000 tonnes, upwards to over 7000 tonnes.

Each Cable Tanker constructed, is built using a newly patented design.

At the heart of each of our unique designs/builds, is the buoyancy of a
cylinder body which floats inside another cylinder body. This outer cylinder is
part of a vessel that resembles a barge.

This design is beneficial in comparison with traditional turntables and
carousels because of it’s simplicity and reliability, therefore offering
significant reductions in your cable projects costs from fabrication to

Cable Tankers are available for hire, time charter or bareboat charter.

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