About Us


Our company offers engineering expertise in the design and construction of cable tankers.

As Cable Tankers are well suited for hire, the aim is that Cabletanker AS will manage the administration of Cable Tanker hire, as well as we are able to handle the logistics and transportation of the Cable Tankers between the location of cable manufacture through to the field of installation.

Fixed installations on shore have so far been sold to the client with an annual licence fee as long as the patent is still valid.

Technical supervision, design upgrades and maintenance work are amongst other services we can offer.

Our company has senior expertise in the fields related to cable manufacture and installations as well as project management, loading/unloading know how and logistics.

Cabletanker AS also offers client packages, included the whole logistics stage of each contract agreement, where we can arrange towing/transportation to the final destination.

Barges are available for hire/charter, time charter or bareboat charter.

They may be other options available upon request.


A cable tanker is a floating vessel equipped with one or several cylinder tanks that floats and rotates inside the vessels hull. The volume of fluid needed for this flotation is minimum. The load carrying cylinder has a deck located in between top and bottom. The pressure set up to make the load float is set up by the water in the annulus between the fixed and the rotating cylinder.


Typical outside dimensions and load capacities are:

14.5 x 29 x 6 m and load capacity 2x750 tonnes

25 x 25 x 6 m and load capacity 2500 tonnes
30 x 40 x 7 m and load capacity over 5000 tonnes
35 x 40 x 7 m and load capacity about 7500 tonnes

NEW! 2015 land based 500-ton Cabletanker in aluminium.

Other solutions can also be done, please contact us.